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Warm up your space with some extra Christmas cheer? 

Try adding a decorative homemade christmas lantern or two. Like candles and fairy lights, lanterns and luminaries brighten up long winter nights and create a festive and almost magical atmosphere for this most wonderful time of the year.

Handmade Magical Christmas Lanterns

Lanterns come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and (depending on how they're made) can be used indoors or outdoors to dress up tabletops, mantelpieces, hearths, porches, stairs and more. 

Traditional Christmas lanterns are typically made of wood, metal or glass, and have a vintage appeal that can be dressed up for the holidays with ribbons, ornaments and greenery.

If you like to show off your creativity, there are many DIY ways to create a glowing Handmade Christmas lantern of your own.  

One of the simplest ways is to fill a container with fairy lights, and then create a shade out of a sheet of paper. Twinkling fairy lights create a truly magical atmosphere!

Handmade Magical Christmas Lanterns

If you have some glass jars lying around, transform them into Christmas treasures with paint or papercut silhouettes that light up magical winter scenes.

Handmade Magical Christmas Lanterns

Of course, around here we have a fondness for paper lanterns, which are fast and easy to make and can easily be customised to match any décor.

Handmade Magical Christmas Lanterns

Remember to be safe if you choose to use real candles to light your lanterns, and only use electric or battery-operated lights if your lanterns are made or decorated with paper or other flammable materials.

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