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Gonge Mini Top

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The Gonge Mini Top invites young children to teeter, swing and spin around – at first with the help of an adult and subsequently on their own. It encourages motor activities which are important to a child’s early development, sense of balance and motor control.

Gently rocking a child back and to in a mini top can have a calming and soothing effect, whilst as children get older, they can take control and even play with friends for double the fun.

Children need the dizzying sensory input from spinning and rocking as these movement experiences help your child’s nervous system to mature and function. The vestibular (balance, spatial and body awareness), proprioceptive (a sixth sense – of body position and movement), auditory (sound and hearing), and visual senses in a child all work as one – these fancy words are all labels for sensory systems in humans that take in information and stimulate the brain.

Spinning in circles is one of the best activities to help children gain a good sense of body awareness. Through spinning they figure out where their ‘centre’ is and then can improve their surefootedness and ability to concentrate. 


Children crave stimulation and it is important to provide them with the equipment to satisfy their needs in a safe and controlled way. Our Gonge Mini Top is specifically designed to fulfil this basic need. Carefully designed to ensure your little one’s head and little fingers are protected during play.

The Gonge Mini Top is manufactured from child safe and durable HDPE plastic the mini top will be a great favourite with little children.

Gonge Mini Top Cushion is sold separately and is available to buy here Gonge Mini Top Cushion — Direct GB Home & Garden 


  • Ages 1-4
  • Dimensions: H265 x D680mm

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