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Deluxe Cat Cabin 3x5

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Give your cat its own garden home with the Deluxe Cat Cabin. Your cat will find this cabin safe, secure, and protected from the elements. The Deluxe Cat Cabin is made from strong 28mm finish interlocking logs emphasising fantastic stability and security. The roof is covered with a layer of heavy duty black mineral felt for additional warmth and protection. The cat flap on the front is the ideal entrance / exit with a maximum pet shoulder width of 147mm. The cat flap takes cats up to 7kg (15lb) in weight or small dogs up to 3kg (7lb) in weight.

Unlike many budget competitor products this cabin is built with only the highest quality materials and many cabins in the market simply cannot compare!

  • THIS OUTDOOR CAT HOUSE features high-grade 28mm interlocking planned and finished logs – beware of cat houses that feature rough edged boards machined from poor quality timber.
  • THIS OUTDOOR CAT HOUSE features a specially designed 4-way chamfered notch-joint system ensuring a tight fit to all boards with no room for damp or wind penetration – beware of wooden cat houses that feature square cut logs with square notch-joint, often leaving a sloppy joint with large visible gaps.
  • THIS OUTDOOR CAT HOUSE features heavy duty black mineral roofing felt as standard – beware of outdoor cat cabins that come with no roof covering, leaving the cabin completely open to the elements.
  • THIS OUTDOOR CAT HOUSE features a generous all round roof overhang which protects the building from severe conditions – beware of cat homes with little or no roof overhanging leaving them vulnerable to the wind and rain.
  • THIS OUTDOOR CAT HOUSE features an easy-fit modular floor for a fast and simple assembly – beware of wooden cat houses that supply individual do-it-yourself floor boards which can be problematic and time consuming to fit.

It is essential that this outdoor wooden cat house is assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied on a firm and level base constructed from a suitably durable material. It should also be treated as soon as is practical after assembly and then annually thereafter with an appropriate high quality preservative.


  • Cladding Material Heavy Duty Interlocking T&G Logs
  • Framing Style Tanalised Bearers Only
  • Roof & Floor Material Tongue & Groove Board
  • Door Style Cat Flap Cut-out Size
  • Roof Covering Grey Mineral Felt
  • Cladding Thickness 28mm
  • Framing Size 58mm x 44mm
  • Roof & Floor Thickness 19mm
  • Door Size 158mm x 185mm
  • Treatment Untreated
  • Length 1096mm
  • Width 1396mm
  • Internal Size 850mm x 1150mm
  • Windows No
  • Internal Ridge 804mm
  • Internal Eaves 641mm

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