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Buschbeck Cheyenne XL Fire Pit Plancha Grill

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Combining one of Europe’s favourite cooking styles and fantastic fire pit into one product is exactly what the Buschbeck Cheyenne XL plancha fire pit does. Perfect for use as a large fire pit or as a plancha style grill. The Cheyenne delivers the best of both worlds!

In Spanish cooking, a la plancha means “grilled on a metal plate”. Food that is cooked a “la plancha style” are traditionally cooked on a round, flat metal plate. Furthermore, the circular shape of the Buschbeck Cheyenne’s 4mm thick cooking ring changes the way heat is distributed by allowing it to spread out in a radial manner. The result is a very hot cooking surface that sears the meat, fish or vegetables better than any other cooking surface can. It creates a browned, slightly crispy exterior while sealing in the juices. At the same time, it leaves the interior of the meat or fish moist, tender, and juicy.

For use as a large fire pit, the Buschbeck Cheyenne’s cooking ring can be removed to allow use of the full area of the fire bowl. Above all, cleaning is very simple after use as all the ash collects conveniently in the ash draw which can then be easily emptied when required.


Weight: 45kg
Assembly Time: 0 Minutes
Cooking Ring Diameter: 80cm
Cooking Ring Thickness: 4mm
Height: 88cm
Fuel Type: Charcoal and Firewood
Colour: Black
Material: 2.5mm steel

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