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Up to 36 Months Finance now available at checkout with SNAP Finance

Pent Sheds

What is a pent garden shed?

A pent roof shed features a single sloped roof. This is a flat sloping roof, typically running from front to back but can run in other directions. One advantage of a pent roof shed is that it can show a more contemporary look rather than the traditional apex shed roof. Another factor is that rainwater will only run off run side where the pent roof slops to, instead of both sides on an apex. The door on a pent shed would traditionally be on the high side – however, our Sheds allow you to put the door in any position you want on any side.  

How high is a pent shed?

Pent garden sheds can vary in height but our pent sheds are a lot higher than a lot other pent sheds on the market. Pent sheds are higher at one side of the shed than the other. Internal low side height - 1801mm, Internal high side height - 1906mm, External low side height - 1913mm, External high side height - 2028mm. When we talk about the internal height this means from the floor to the bottom of the framing on the underside of the roof. In reality, you do get a bit more headroom if you go right up to the roof board but these measurements are important if you want to fit anything in the shed which has height restrictions.

Is an apex or pent shed better?

This is more down to customer preference on how they want the look of the shed in their garden. Generally, the quality of the shed is the same whether you go for a pent or an apex. Often, part of the decision is down to where you want the door on the shed - on the side or the end? However, with a Power Shed the door can be put on any side as you assemble it.. this is the case for both apex and pent sheds.

Shiplap pent sheds

In a more modern contemporary style, pent sheds come with a flat sloping roof offering ample head room throughout the shed interior. Our shiplap wooden pent sheds come in a range of sizes, with both window and windowless pent shed options.

Our pent sheds are completely adaptable which means when you assemble the shed the door can go on either the high side or low side – you can have the roof sloping the way you want.