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Which summerhouse to choose?

Summer House Guide – What are Summer Houses?

Summer houses are wooden outdoor garden structures that live outdoors and are used in many different ways. Usually, the outdoor structure features felt or tiled roofs, a number of large windows and doors allowing significant amounts of light to shine through.

Some summer houses include porch steps, verandas or canopies to help extend the front of the summer house. Summer houses that are larger are typically designed in a similar style to that of log cabins

Summer House Guide – Types of Summer Houses

Summer houses are available in many different styles. But what is the difference between them all? Our summer house guide should help you to determine the best one for you!

Contemporary Summer Houses

For those with an eye for more stylish and modern designs, contemporary summer houses are your best bet. This is as interlocking tongue and groove boards can help create a smooth and clean aesthetic appeal.


Not only a useful addition to any garden, considering the number of uses a summer house can entail, contemporary summer houses could also help give your garden that modern edge.

Traditional Summer Houses

For many, the classic, traditional look of a summer house is what appeals to them rather than contemporary. Featuring Georgian windows and the common apex roof shape, traditional summer houses are naturally suited to those not wanting to let go of the past.

Corner Summer Houses

Often, finding a summer house to fit into the most obscure spaces in your garden comfortably can be a difficult task, especially when garden parameters are continually changing as landscapers begin to get more adventurous.

This is where corner summer houses are at their most useful. Specially designed to fit into a corner you can make the most of all of your available garden space. Most often, corner summer houses will feature two opening side windows as well as double doors which work together to provide you with a panoramic view of your garden, all year round.

Small Summer Houses

Ideal for those with limited space in their garden, a small summer house can measure as small as 6’ x 4’. Small summer houses could be perfect to use as a small quiet place to relax or even as somewhere to store your outdoor furniture over the colder months. Not only are small summer houses convenient, but they can also be a budget-friendly option.

Log Cabin Summer Houses

For a more luxurious style of summer house, log cabin summer houses are an enticing option. Log cabin summer houses will not only look more magnificent in your garden, but the log cabin construction may also provide you with a strong, sturdy outdoor building made to withstand harsh weather conditions and built to last.

Summer house sheds are an ideal solution for those wanting two different garden buildings without having to compromise on garden space as they are combined.

Summer House Guide – Potential Uses For Your Summer House

There are many ways summer houses can be used. Some of these are the common conventional ways whereas some may include out of the box ideas. However, perhaps you have a great idea of what you want to use your summer house for with no ideas how to decorate it.

Garden Storage

As with many outdoor garden buildings, summer houses can be the best place to store your outdoor toys, furniture and gardening tools. This is as it provides a means of shelter for your belongings to protect them against any harsh weather they may otherwise face. You may also turn the summer house into an organised shed by installing shelves and many other organisational tools.

Workshop or Tool Shed

Summer houses could be the ideal workshop space. This is because of a large number of windows offering a panoramic view of the outside and the double doors allowing the outdoors to creep into your workshop. Furthermore, large summer houses can provide you with the opportunity to install work benches and racks to keep your tools safely organised.

Outdoor Dining

If you are a keen party thrower but are getting bored of your usual dining/living room a summer house could become the favoured eating spot. Merely filling your summer house with a comfy dining set and fun decorations could efficiently wow your guests. Why not even install a surround sound system in the summer house to play your favourite party music.


As many of us struggle to work from home because of the distractions such as television, pets, family or even just the thought of staying in bed, a home office is ideal. A summer house hidden away at the bottom of your garden could be used as an idyllic location to reply to the ever-growing number of emails as well as to carry out your daily admin tasks. Include a sturdy desk with a comfy desk chair and working from home may never have been easier!

Summer House Guide – Position and Planning

When thinking about treating yourself to a new summer house, considering where you are going to position the building and whether it is the right size for you is essential.

Consider which way the summer house faces

Our summer house guide dictates that the best position four your garden building to face is south. However, it is crucial to observe how the sun moves through your garden throughout the day. Also, make sure to bear in mind what time of day you are likely to be using your summer house.

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