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Summerhouse or shed?

What’s the first thing that comes into your head when someone says to you that they’ve bought a shed? It’ll probably be that within days it’ll be a dumping ground for the lawnmower, the spade, the fork and the grass rake; maybe some garden furniture, and a bit dark on the inside.

But if someone says they’ve bought a summerhouse, you’ll likely be thinking lots of glass, a half-glazed door to let even more light in, and then a couple of chairs outside and candles in the evening and, maybe, bunting streamed across the front. Lovely!

While sheds can be thought of as sensible and no-nonsense, summerhouses convey an image of long hot summer days; gin & tonic anyone?

However, before we go any further let’s be clear that we’re not saying that you shouldn’t buy a shed it’s just that a summerhouse offers more practicality because it can also do what a shed can do; whereas a shed can’t really double up as a summerhouse.

And if you buy a summerhouse, but deep down you think of it as a shed that all the family can use, then you’re going to be very popular. Brownie points all round!

In terms of construction, both are manufactured from dip-treated shiplap timber for increased durability and strength, and have styrene glazing, a press lock and key, and for the summerhouse half-glazed doors.

We’ve already mentioned that you can make your summerhouse stand out with bunting, but you could also hang curtains to make it just that little bit more homely.

Okay, you might still be saying to yourself, “but I really need a shed for all my gardening equipment, I don’t want a summerhouse”, however; ask yourself this: is everything that you want to put in your shed really necessary? Do you keep wherever you currently store your garden stuff neat and tidy? C’mon be honest! That’s the problem with storage; the more space you have you more you’ll cram in.

Our range of garden summerhouses ensures that whatever size your space, we can offer you a perfectly fitted solution. Stylish and highly functional, they can fit snugly into a corner of your garden and provide a calming space to relax (after you’ve mown the lawn).

Still not convinced? Maybe it’s time to take a look at our range of summerhouses; there’ll definitely be one for you.

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