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Julian Bowen Kids Beds Range

Julian Bowen Kids Beds Range

london bus bunk bed 811 p 2 1200x750

Julian Bowen has an enviable reputation for designing and building high-quality kids beds. Whether that’s traditional single beds, sleek bunk beds or space-saving mid sleepers, they have a wide range of beds for every age. Plus, they even design beds that meet the growing demand for functional and sleek bedroom furniture alongside beds that can capture the imagination of children from the offset such as their racecar, London bus or campervan bed

The benefits of Julian Bowen beds are huge. As one of the biggest names in the industry, we know that investing in a Julian Bowen bed is a great investment in our kids’ bedrooms and meets our high safety standards. As a brand, they are best known for the design and production of children’s furniture with bunk beds, mid sleepers, first beds,

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