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How to look after your playhouse

Treat Your Playhouse Annually When it comes to treating your playhouse, you should at least do it annually; proper treating is necessary in order to keep the building structure secured against the unruly UK weather. Damaging UV rays, harsh rain, and strong wind can cause the wood on your playhouse to splinter and crack if it is left untreated. The very best way to ensure that your playhouse looks as nice as possible, and lasts a long time, is to treat it with wood preservatives annually. If you do this, you will protect your garden playhouse against insects, the harsh elements, and wood rot. Ventilation Even if your children have not used the playhouse in a while, you should still look after it. Proper ventilation is completely necessary in order to prevent and remove any moisture from the air inside of the playhouse itself. During the winter months, you should ensure that the playhouse is ventilated properly to keep the air flowing inside; this makes sure that when summertime rolls around, the children’s playhouse is ready to be used. Avoid Contact With The Playhouse When your playhouse has been built, you need to make sure that nothing comes into contact with it. This includes shrubs, plants, and trees with huge branches. Decorate It There are many different ways to make your playhouse more colourful, aesthetically-pleasing, and homely. You can decorate the playhouse however you want, and should definitely get your children involved, so they actually like the decoration that you use and want to spend time in there. General Maintenance As we have mentioned above, proper maintenance of the playhouse will help to make sure that the environment remains a safe and clean place for your loved ones. You should take a look around the structure of the playhouse and see if any debris has collected at the bottom of the building and, if there are any piles of leaves, plants, or soil, you should clear it away as soon as possible. If you do not do this, they could encourage wood rot and fungal growth; this can cause significant problems for your playhouse and be extremely costly in the long run. We Can Help If you have not got one already and you are interested in buying a playhouse for your children, the summerhouses and garden sheds that we offer throughout the UK are ideal for you. Call our team on 0330 332 0635 if you would like to know more information about the summerhouses and garden sheds that we provide. We are always here to take your call and assist you in any way that we possibly can.
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